i come 2 2 look @ cool pics pls dont start shit with me

dreamybae: why are you bringing up high school lol. coming from a girl who tags everything with #420 and tries to gain confidence on tumblr by posting that you gave yourself an orgasm because no guys want to fuck you in reality. sorry that boys you admire over the internet are boys that obsess over me and smoke me out and love me irl and you're just projecting your jealousy in a passive aggressive way. it's okay. 420!!! lol fuck babies!!! fuck life 13 year old cynical hs mentality! now unfollow me n go cry



i alrdy unfollowed u get the FUK out of my ask box #420

:) you don’t even know how to roll blunts lol 420 my ass bitch bye :)

haha im laughin bc ur talking like u know me irl


New york cheesecake with green tea topping by Please do not edit my photos on Flickr.


girls… pls stop hating on other girls…? like what does tht accomplish?…


by hip___hop